Saturday, October 27, 2007

early morning rambling

Yesterday, I discovered a book of Imogen Cunningham's entitled simply "Imogen!" Why oh why did I think this woman only photographed flowers? I guess I never looked into her further because those were the only examples I have seen over the years, not her portraits. Some of her portrait work is stunning, with the romantic sensibility I have. Anyway, as I looked through this small, wonderful book, I noticed she had some blurbs on the bottom of images with a story, an opinion or a feeling about that particular image. It sparked an idea.

As I am creating the medieval manuscript-like pieces, I noticed how well the photographs hold up on their own. What I want to do and will do, is publish (they have cheap self-publishing coompanies like a small book of the actual images used in the pieces with commentary under each piece, and exhibit it with the work, when I do have an exhibit of this work. I think people like to read things like that to get into the mindset of the artist. I know I do. I read Cindy Sherman's diary entries and realized that she writes a lot like I do, and it just made me feel better that my journal entries don't always have to be clear and concise or to make sense to anyone but me. On the other hand,, I read Francesca Woodman's writings and oh boy....I could not make heads or tails of her at all.....

I also would like to comprise quotes from friends and peers over the years on their reactions to my work. Not sure they would go in the book. Maybe just on my website, or maybe just in a journal that won't be seen until I am gone......we'll see.

I think I better get some breakfast!
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