Saturday, April 19, 2008

the months flying by......

It's already close to the end of April. I'm noticing as I get older, how quickly time really does fly. I remember hearing that from the elderly when I was young, rolling my eyes up and thinking they are just a bit batty, but no, they weren't. Next month, I will be 39 years old. One more year before I am officially middle aged......Middle age!! (gulp)

Enough of that. Next month also brings my 2 year wedding anniversary. The Husband and I are going camping up by the Delaware River. That was where I shot my Outdoor series back in '98 and '99. I don't think we will be going back to the same exact spots, which is fine, but I will be doing a reunion shoot on those 2 days. It will be nice to see what new ideas come to mind now, almost 10 years later.

In the meantime, I've put the Illuminated Journey series on the back burner just temporarily. The amount of feedback and suggestions I received from the work was so overwhelming, that I need to take a breather. I've also been a little ill as of late with the return of my diabetes, so I need to get that under control before tackling another direction with work that has taken me 2 years to complete.

I did re-edit the Hope and Shrouded series on my website, however. I needed to re-scan negatives for a slide presentation I was to give at a local college, and upon doing so, I noticed images that were stronger than others. I also took others out. I'm not sure there is anything too different, but the images I've added have become my favorites now. Here is one from the Hope series.

And that about sums things up for now. Stay tuned for a post post-camping excursion.