Monday, August 25, 2008

New image

Only a few new images are popping out at me right now. This is one of them - Whenever I shoot in the woods while there is bright sunshine, there is always spotty light and it is frustrating. I try to be conscious of it and this particular day, I did the shoot without an assistant. I am amazed that the lighting actually worked in my favor in this image and gave it a painterly look. I am pleased.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I can be very stubborn. OK, I am a Taurus so LOTS of times I am. There were some brutally honest remarks about my work from some people when I was over in Houston. One that I hesitantly agreed with (damn bull!) is that I tend to shoot at similar distances and views in most of my work. I will whine and say that part of it is that it is a challenge when I am setting everything up myself to shoot in many different angles. If I was photographing something else where I had camera in hand, then, of course, it is easier to change view. However, in being completely honest with myself, I do think that a part of it is due to a comfort zone that I have created. I need to push that aspect a bit but what I don't want to do is lose the integrity of my work simply because the views of me "have" to be different than what they have been. Still, the commentary, as I said, is very valid and I have noticed myself thinking about it more when I do set up the tripod.

And with that in mind, I have done a couple of shoots within the last few weeks. I plan to develop the film tomorrow. In addition,. the weather here on Long Island has been gloriously cool today with the promise of the same tomorrow, so I may also go out shooting afterward. If not tomorrow, then definitely Sunday. I am feeling very inspired to do so, more than usual, which is always a blessing to me. Seriously, there are days when I fear that I will wake up and lose all motivation to create. I don't know why I have such thoughts, but they do occur. Must ask therapist about that one (wink).