Friday, February 20, 2009

an update

It's been awhile since posting. Working 2 jobs and trying to create art in between has taken up almost all of my time. No, I'll add trying to promote my work and spending time with my husband and my four-legged kids to that list. Well, there's been a bit of a cut in hours at one of my 2 jobs which hopefully will allow me more time. I've been taking the images from the "Rabbitholes..." series and transferring them to gessoed masonite panels, then painting on them. I thought this might be a simpler way of trying to convey an iconographic illuminated look that I've been looking for the past few years.

I've completed 2 so far and I like the look, so I will continue. I've decided to try a third color to the panel for some more depth in hopes not to complicate things. After all, the image is still the focal point.

I've also begun shooting with my new Holga, too. I have an old one that I've used maybe once or twice. I found the negatives from it recently and was pleased with the results. I opted for a new version because it seems to have been "corrected", meaning foam inserts have been placed inside to keep the film roll firmly in place - as opposed to having to insert cardboard. There is also a tripod socket in the new version. With the addition of a shutter release assembly, I am now self-portrait-ready! I just need this weather to warm up. I am really done with winter. I still have to develop the rolls I shot, and I am eager to see what they are like. For those of you that don't know what a Holga is, here is a link

There's a whole sub-culture of artists that use this "krappy kamera" as it's affectionately called and the results are exquisite! There's a poetic softness to the image because of the plastic lens and I am digging the square format.

A personal side note, though possibly related to my art making. After a recent doctor's visit, I have lost a total of 67 pounds since 2005. A majority of that weight was lost since April of 2008, though. Why did I? A diagnosis of diabetes (a second time - I had it years ago) made me get pro-active in doing something. I am going to be turning 40 this year and I want to do whatever I can to feel good for as long as possible. This may become a topic in my art making. I've spent all of my art career in handling my weight issues and now do I want to take on this one? Not sure. I will say this interesting tidbit though. I feel more self-conscious about my body now than I ever did when I even weighed my heaviest at 350 pounds (back in '96). I'm looking forward to seeing how things occur this year with this knowledge.

Back to work now. Will hopefully be updating this thing sooner than later.