Friday, April 3, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Or so I hope. It's barely April and it's been raining quite a bit. Next month, The Husband and I are going to Seattle for our anniversary trip so yeah, bring on more rain!

Now that things are calming down a little on the job front, I've been able to focus a bit on shooting a new project. It started with a Holga but the other day I needed to use the Nikon for reasons I will give in detail. This new idea is pretty straight-forward. My images, according to many, are a throw-back to the 1800's albeit beautiful and strong. No contemporary art gallery wants to exhibit this work for fear of no sales. Not to mention that because I am not using vintage printing techniques, I am being snubbed. It's actually ridiculous, in my opinion because I still think my images hold truth to them regardless of printing methods. No matter.

I've decided to take my sappily romantic self and shoot in urban settings. I have been donned in a white velvet bell-sleeved Renaissance-inspired dress, wreath of ivy and my trusty white dove. We have started exploring areas of the city and I am wanting to look as out of place as I can in my surroundings. What I did do the other day, though, may be a little trite but I thought it was amusing. I hired 3 thugs to model with me near one of the local train stations. I also went to a few locations near my neighborhood not realizing how rich in atmosphere it really is. We'll see where this project leads. It's at least fun, if nothing else.