Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Has Indeed Sprung!

The weather has finally turned to glorious. It is almost June, after all, but May has been a little too cool for me. I have been excitedly working on the urban project with the Holga and am really pleased with the results. The images are taking on a dream-like quality which is inherent of the Holga image. Now with the warmer weather and some free time, I will be able to really dedicate the time to this project.

I met with the owner of Wall Space Gallery in Seattle, while I was there and she liked the direction very much. She is really so sweet as well. It's nice to have someone in the biz to just chill with. For years, I (and I am sure many artists) place gallery owners on this deified pedestal when in reality, they are human like everyone else. There are some that are stuffier than others but *shrug* whatever. In any event, she has also told me that my work, including the Rabbitholes series screams alternative process. Yes..I know this. Michael Mazzeo said it, too.

Do I want to invest in the money for a UV box and chemistry to do this? Of course I could use the good old sun but it's never consistent and I may not be around during the day to take advantage of it. Besides, if I am going to be doing this for awhile, I may just want to invest in one. Then again, they are huge (unless I can look into seeing if there is such a thing as a small one?) and where do I put that thing? It would be nice to do a workshop in Cyanotype or Van Dyke Brown but they are way expensive. The Maine workshop is $1300, I believe. Ha ha! Anyway, I need to really research it. Cyanotype is one of the easiest processes and the chemistry is not ridiculously toxic....I will have to check it out.

In other exciting news, I will be meeting with Colin Ford in June. Mr. Ford is a British photo historian specializing in the works of Julia Margaret Cameron and Lewis Carroll (right up my alley!!!!). He has written and co-written many books on their work. If he likes my work, I am hoping he would be willing to write a commentary on it. My friend Joan thinks that I should make a book (blurb or such) and I could include his statement and that would be great to bring around to galleries. I thought that was an excellent idea. Now, let's hope I can get Mr. Ford to do this :D

Now off to scan in more negatives from Seattle. Hopefully I will have something here on my blog next post.
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