Friday, May 29, 2009

Urban settings

As Summer approaches, I will have time to scout out new urban locations. I also have to thank my husband for being a terrific bodyguard and assistant as he has been and will be with me for my shoots. I have heard of female photographers that take risks in shooting alone on location and even I have a couple of times but I really don't recommend it unless you are in a highly public place..and then you might want to reconsider any nudity ;)

In two weeks, I will be back out in Queens, New York. I am looking at it from a different perspective than when I first moved here. I now see it as rich with decay, which is a good thing. Still, I want to explore other places as well. Other boroughs, and other states - especially New Jersey.

In the meantime, today was a wet and cold day reminiscent of some of the Seattle days. It shouldn't be, though, as June is only a few days away.

Did I mention how much I love Hahnemuhle's Bamboo Paper? Yes, it is made out of bamboo! I can now say I am doing my part in helping the environment :D
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