Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. Colin Ford

Today I met with British author and photo historian Colin Ford. A nice gentleman who was nice enough to make time to see me and look at my work. I brought a few of my outdoor nudes, my whole "Rabbitholes..." series and whatever new work I have. As he warned me, he said he wasn't able to do a whole lot for me though he seemed to like my work. I asked him if he would be able to write something about my work when his plate isn't so full (he is curating 3 exhibits, one in Hungary). He said he couldn't agree to it right now because of how busy he is. I understand. His main advice is - what I have been hearing - to keep doing what I am doing.

Yes. Since 1995-ish, I have not stopped photographing. I won't stop now, especially with this project I am on. It is frustrating, though. A dramatic analogy - I feel a little like an adorable stray puppy that lots of people are passing up saying "you are sooo cute, but unfortunately, I can't take you home". I will still wag my tail, show the big eyes and stay hopeful that one day someone will take me home.
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