Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A few new images

Here are three images from last week's treks.

This first was out in the Hamptons. I rarely expect to find anything worthy of shooting whenever I am out there but this little place said something to me. If I feel removed from this time period, so does this shop. I felt at home on these steps.

These other 2 were in areas not far from where around my house. As I've mentioned in my previous post - herein lies decay among nature.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ramblings and How one shouldn't look any further than your backyard sometimes

As I scout out locations for this urban project, things I keep in mind are: how accessible is it to me, especially if there is a need to go back and re-shoot? How underpopulated is it so as not to call attention to myself? How urban is it? Is there any real significance to the relationship between me and that particular environment? Or simply, is it interesting enough for me to want to interact in it?

I noticed today that 2 out of 3 locations that I chose had nature taking over the ugly urban settings. Looking back on many of the images I already have, there is some of the same. It wasn't a conscious decision to pick those places but when I did, it felt right. Again, here I am, out of place with my surroundings, the way Nature was. Hmm... I like that. Perhaps, Beauty vs. Decay.

As for my own backyard - Our trip started out in the Bronx looking for a very specific location which we failed to find. Making our way back, we found 3 locations within a 5-10 mile radius from my home. I have complained repeatedly that I don't feel at home at all in the borough of Queens and doubt I ever will. Still, where else would I be able to find an environment rich in urban-ness? Coming from a suburb on Long Island, this, among areas in the other 4 boroughs is as ghetto as it gets.

So, here is a digital shot taken by my husband after I shot off a roll.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


With this project I am working on, an assistant is pretty much mandatory. Since I am working with a low-tech camera, there is no auto advance. In addition, the places I am shooting at are not exactly danger-free. It's been a challenge finding someone to help me between day availability and type of person assisting. For me, my assistant needs to be neutral in opinion of content for the most part. I do take some suggestions but for the most part, I just need the technical aspect dealt with. At the risk of sounding sexist, I prefer a male assistant for that safety factor. Someone with a sense of humor and a sense of adventure helps as well. I've tried getting local students but most have been flaky. My husband assists me when possible but that forces me into a one-day-a-week shoot. Right now, I am eager to re-shoot an idea. I have the time but he nor anyone else does.

On a good note, this project is going fairly smoothly even if the progress is a bit slow for me. If I haven't written about it yet, I plan to create a book through Originally, I was only going to make one of the Rabbitholes and Revelations series, but thought about the cost of the book and decided to make the book of a collection of images that work together from the outdoor nudes, to some of the art history images, rabbitholes and then the new stuff. Perhaps by the Fall, I will have it put together and published.

Now to just get back out there shooting.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A magical turn of events

When I woke yesterday morning, I was prepared to go it alone location scouting/shooting. I was a bit frustrated with the harsh sun but was determined to find somewhere that the light was subdued. As I was prepping my equipment, a light went off in my mind - a male model that I use occasionally is the adventurous sort and has found several fitting locations for me in the past, plus I knew he had the summers off. I gave him a call and sure enough, he was available and knew of an area that he thought I would like. Like? I LOVED it. I am noticing with the Holga that I need to have more exaggerated light though, so I think when I am in a darker area next time, I will bring alone a flash. My Holga has a hotshoe for a non-dedicated one which I have. Still, I think these 2 images work. I may go back to do more shooting as there were more areas to explore. I should do it before the building is torn down, too....