Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A magical turn of events

When I woke yesterday morning, I was prepared to go it alone location scouting/shooting. I was a bit frustrated with the harsh sun but was determined to find somewhere that the light was subdued. As I was prepping my equipment, a light went off in my mind - a male model that I use occasionally is the adventurous sort and has found several fitting locations for me in the past, plus I knew he had the summers off. I gave him a call and sure enough, he was available and knew of an area that he thought I would like. Like? I LOVED it. I am noticing with the Holga that I need to have more exaggerated light though, so I think when I am in a darker area next time, I will bring alone a flash. My Holga has a hotshoe for a non-dedicated one which I have. Still, I think these 2 images work. I may go back to do more shooting as there were more areas to explore. I should do it before the building is torn down, too....

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