Monday, July 20, 2009

Ramblings and How one shouldn't look any further than your backyard sometimes

As I scout out locations for this urban project, things I keep in mind are: how accessible is it to me, especially if there is a need to go back and re-shoot? How underpopulated is it so as not to call attention to myself? How urban is it? Is there any real significance to the relationship between me and that particular environment? Or simply, is it interesting enough for me to want to interact in it?

I noticed today that 2 out of 3 locations that I chose had nature taking over the ugly urban settings. Looking back on many of the images I already have, there is some of the same. It wasn't a conscious decision to pick those places but when I did, it felt right. Again, here I am, out of place with my surroundings, the way Nature was. Hmm... I like that. Perhaps, Beauty vs. Decay.

As for my own backyard - Our trip started out in the Bronx looking for a very specific location which we failed to find. Making our way back, we found 3 locations within a 5-10 mile radius from my home. I have complained repeatedly that I don't feel at home at all in the borough of Queens and doubt I ever will. Still, where else would I be able to find an environment rich in urban-ness? Coming from a suburb on Long Island, this, among areas in the other 4 boroughs is as ghetto as it gets.

So, here is a digital shot taken by my husband after I shot off a roll.

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