Friday, August 7, 2009


I have received more rejection letters from art galleries and other exhibition spaces than I care to admit. It eats away at you, especially when the work you show them is so personal. However, one needs to build a thick skin to it. First off, it's never personal. A gallery may LOVE your work but it won't necessarily fit into what they show. Also, in this economic climate, it is all about business. They need to be able to sell the work...for the most part.

There are places, though, that claim they just want to help the emerging artist - their mission is to do what they can. Sure. If your work is large-scale, color and pointless....ok, ok I am being very jaded here but look up contemporary photography and tell me the common denominator. Let's not forget the photographs of Diane Arbus-esque subjects staring down the lens like Children of the Corn.

This latest rejection was from an opera house upstate NY that has a gallery space and was looking for a solo photo show. According to them, my work didn't "fit their needs".

*cough* Huh?

Back to the gallery op websites.....
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