Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a Tangent!

I always wonder what it takes to really feel like a body of work is complete. I know Time is to be considered. Work I created years ago that I thought was resolved; that I thought was even good, I look at with disgust today. I know that my work has matured a bit but what else? When does an artist really know her/his work is done?

I used to be asked why I don't just stop photographing myself and move on to other things. I've tried many times, yet I keep coming back to me. Must be a reason...

I will say that sometimes creating other forms of art give me a sense of freedom and playfulness but I never seem to be able to take what I've done there and bring it into my photography, and vice versa. My drawings are separate not just in technique, but in thought and approach. Here are 2 examples of recent drawings I have done:

I am proud of them because of their exaggerative gestures and expressions. I am excited to continue these when I can. And how different are they to my photography?
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