Monday, November 30, 2009

Jaded? Yes I am...but

Artists, serious artists do not choose to be so, they have to be. As much as I would love to romanticize it, I can't. I knew I was an artist when I was forced to do other things (still am) but wake up with that hunger to create. Life gets in the way most of the time, money is always an issue, one cannot just wake up with a finished piece or even a concept and it can take a long time before anything really happens. It's a constant struggle and very little positive outcome. I tend to laugh when I hear art students talk of getting a Brooklyn apartment with 8 other people and how cool it will be to just get a shitty job and make art all day long. I laugh because I thought that at one time. We all do. Then reality sets in. Many people end up getting teaching degrees leaving no time to make art, or get so involved in having to make money to survive, that it takes time away from art making as well. I am there. I know what that is like!

The other problem is that making art and doing something with the final product are almost 2 entirely separate entities. Galleries are businesses. They are out to make money. They are only interested in what the clients are interested in. Most of the clients don't even know what art is so they look to the gallery owner for advice. Gallery owners are not always rich with art history knowledge just what the trends are. Many of them are only interested in the numbers or how to help clients match wall colors.

Having said that, one can't fault them for that - that is their goal....and once in awhile there may be one that is genuinely interested in promoting art of all kinds. Generally, though, those are the university galleries and some museums.

However, when it gets so bad that galleries have to look to gimmicks, then I throw my hands up and just step away from the whole scene.... Case in point -

I have a turtle now (along with my dog and 2 cats) and if I put Romaine lettuce on the canvas with some water, maybe he can make some leaf imprints......

Friday, November 13, 2009

Residency in March!!

I was just offered an artist residency for next March of which I accepted. The East End Arts Council asked me to teach a 2-day workshop on acrylic image transfers that we hope will run. After the coordinator and I spoke about it, she went to my website and fell in love with my work and called me back offering a week-long residency. The Council gives me an apartment and I have a week to print in their brand new darkroom, paint in their painting studio, have a mini exhibit at the end of the week along with an artist talk! The only downfall is that I don't get a stipend but if the workshop runs, I get paid well enough that will cover the time I will take off work. Either way, it is an AWESOME opportunity! I am so excited!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New image

I make no apologies for the fact that I love romantic, mythological imagery. This might be boring for the contemporary art world but it makes me happy.

Since it's nude, I will just include the link to it that apparently, you must copy and paste because the "link" option is not working: