Monday, January 11, 2010

wondering how....

I worry all the time. I have many things I need money for this year - my trip to England, materials to print my work, a costume I plan to have designed for a shoot and materials for me to bring to my residency.

I work 2 jobs as it is. The reality of not having the creative life is frustrating. I have ideas written in my journals but lack the time and money to bring any of them to fruition.I applied for NYFA's fellowship that I should hear about in May, I believe. $7000.........My grandmother always told me never to pray for money, so I won't. I pray that there are ways money will come to me without sacrificing any more of the precious time I have on off times.

I found this image on a website from year's ago and am wanting to find it on a disc somewhere in my studio. I know I saved a hi-res version of it and would like to rework it a little. Not sure what it means for me to be digitally combining myself with statues of saintly figures but I'll play with the idea for now.

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