Friday, February 12, 2010

Art and Snow

About the snowstorm we just had. NY encountered about a foot, at least here in South Ozone Park Queens it did. I had 2 days off - pros - I got to really organize myself and my studio and figure out what I need to do and buy in the upcoming weeks. Cons - I lost over $300 in work because of the school shut-downs and I was really counting on that money to help me with these upcoming purchases.

I am going to try to remain positive and hope that I am expecting some checks in the mail soon.

In the meantime, to add to my already full plate, I have been asked by a crazy but cool curator of the Chase Edwards Gallery - a gallery that just opened on Long Island but has a history - to be part of this 8-woman photo show that opens on April 3. She (the curator) loves my work and tells me that my work will stand out above everyone else's. That is nice to hear but then she sends out the information....she has a list of 6 themes/locations in which the 2 photos of each must be of. Here is her crazy list:

1) something in Oyster Bay
2) The planting fields
3) a black and white photo
4) something red
5) a street sign
6) the miracle mile shopping center Manhasset

I called her and told her that I didn't have time to shoot specifically for an exhibition and she told me to just go through my work and choose pieces that fit into the categories. I was successful with most of them. I have to go out and shoot 2 locations though - Oyster Bay and the miracle mile shopping center. I plan to get decked out in my white flowy gown (with long pants under!) and go to these places on Monday. Why am I doing this? Most importantly, I am told this curator brings in 500+ people at her openings and hell, it's actually fun to be able to have someone tell me where to shoot and me be able to shoot it in my own style.

Yesterday, I spent time working on the 2 images of "something red" and this is what I came up with.

The images themselves were "left-overs" from my Rabbitholes shoot, though looking at "Poppy", I am wondering why I never used it. I plan to post it on my website regardless. I think the red works rather well in them - red is such a symbolic color - usually meaning the end of innocence and boy does that fit into my work.

Latest version of Blurb book should arrive any day now. I won't be able to purchase lots of them right now but plan to do so for my England trip.

Right now, I just need to figure out when to frame 18 photos within the next several weeks :)