Monday, March 22, 2010

One more

I set up this shot on a whim. My model, Tim is an artist himself, and when he came to visit me during my residency, I said I wanted to do a "pieta" but with the roles reversed and him looking like his usual bad ass self. Interestingly, he didn't come across as one in any of the frames but looked so gentle. What's more interesting is that in reality, although he comes across as rough, he is a husband and father of almost 3 kids - his wife is pregnant with their 3rd. The dichotomy of him is wonderful and I think I captured his nurturing side. I love this one.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Simon - the white knight

I am pleased with this image and Simon was such a great sport!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home at last!

Saturday night's talk went better than I expected. 20 people showed up on a night of heavy rains, wind and flooding. Amazing! I got stuck on a word I couldn't think of and I cried when talking about my father - that certainly came as a surprise to me. I hope I can keep it together in Virginia!

The director of the arts council was not there. She should have been. I was also told by Beth that my work wasn't to be covered up, and that the person that did it, didn't have the authority. I just hope nothing is touched during the rest of this month. However, it's beyond my control.

I got in late Saturday night, driving through the storm, and only unpacked my car yesterday - Monday. Today, I have 6 rolls of film to develop now. I am eager to see how everything turned out, especially the horse photos! I also need to start matting and framing my work for the Oyster Bay show so I could drop it off before my Virginia trip.

Whew...better get started!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 5 progresses - a summary of the week thus far

Its 5pm and I have down time. I have a few hours to kill before my friend comes here for dinner so I thought a good time to write. I was told that a reporter from the local press (Southampton Press and LI Pulse magazine) will be interviewing me tomorrow about my work and the residency program. I have decided to say about the program that I am the first candidate, that the program has a lot of potential but as of right now is in the growing stages and needs funding. I figured that statement is fair. It neither praises them for being fantastic, nor grinds them into the ground for not taking artist residencies very seriously (my real thought).

The bottom line is that a successful artist residency comes with:
- a stipend of some kind
- a private studio space with 24-hour access and not to be shared with others during the course of that residency.
- something worthwhile for that particular artist to come for - perfect example: if you invite a photographer to do this, offer them a fully-functional darkroom, not one that only provides chemistry to print and not anything to develop film.

My opinion is that these are very reasonable terms that I don't think requires that much more funding.

As I may have mentioned, one of their goals is to get international artists. What I have stated above is exactly what they need to do before they even consider that.

It is dark and rainy out at the moment. Perhaps a nap seems a good idea....

Day 4 - Yesterday really

I just woke up at 9am - which is late for me - because I had such a busy day yesterday. I did 2 photo shoots, one of which really took up most of the day to plan. It was me with 4 models and I don't know how well it actually came out. I shot 4 rolls of film with it so I have to have ONE good shot. I created a very odd setting of me in Victorian corset and poofy skirt writing in my journal with a feather pen surrounded by creatures. I had one with a bow and arrow aimed at a bunny woman with an apple on her head. I had a ram woman pouring tea for herself and the table my book was on was another creature. I shifted scenes with a creature taking pictures of me with a vintage camera and the others looking bored and then a few other variations.

The second shoot consisted of a printmaker I am friends with who looks like a bad ass in real life (though he is the father of 2 going on 3!!) I wanted to create a modern day Pieta so I was in Jesus' place and the hooded "bad ass" was Mary. I am really looking forward to seeing the negatives for that!

Today is kind of a wind-down day for me. Packing my car of some things and meeting friends for lunch then dinner. Tomorrow The Husband comes out and in the evening is the talk and then I go home!!!!! I will still update tonight and on Sunday.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 3

I woke this morning feeling quite ill but luckily it faded a bit early on. I managed to get a few image transfers started. At lunch, I was invited to the staff meeting that included pizza and salad. Apparently the director of the arts council had no idea what kind of work I did.


I was under the assumption that since I was invited by the program coordinator to do this because she loved my work, that everyone at the council felt that way. It turned out that only the director didn't know my work. I talked a little bit about it. I then sat through an hour of their meeting that I felt would be rude if I just got up and left. I was bored to tears though....

Went into town to run a few more errands and agreed to myself that I would not spend another dime while I was out here. I printed out new promo cards, since I had the advantage of their inkjet printer. I was also able to hang one of my pieces in their gallery with a sign announcing my show. I was very happy about that!

Afterward, I continued working on my transfers while I sorted out my models for tomorrow's photo shoot. That will be an all-afternoon fun fest!

I admit that I am lonely. I was hoping to get together with friends out here that I hadn't seen in years but that didn't quite work out. I was also hoping I had more energy to want to see people, but in reality, I just want to be home with my husband and pets.

I am grateful for the time off but I don't feel like I am accomplishing all that much, artistically. I think part of it is that it is only a week. It's tough to get a whole lot done, especially when other things had to get done (putting up a show, preparing for an art talk and interacting with the arts council). So far, the horse experience is what's made this trip, I hope tomorrow's shoot and Saturday's talk are good enough to make the trip even more worthwhile...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 2

Censored? Well, of course I was! When I was invited to do this residency, they knew the type of work I do. However, because there were a couple of music lessons given to children today, in the room my work is hanging in, "they" did this to 2 of my images:

I was told that they were going to "just take them down" and I told them if they did that, I would be leaving. They thought I was joking. I moved the paper up to where the tape was at least on the wall, not the plexiglas I paid a lot of money for. The lessons are now over and I promptly removed the paper. Let's hope these children never go into the gallery or come to my talk Saturday night.

In lighter news, I did something crazy and amazing today. Meet Simon:

Simon is an Irish Spot Horse - apparently one of the tallest horses bred. I posed on top of him in my flowy white dress!! Yes - me - who never got on any horse ever. The owner was present, holding his reins as well as I (I will, of course have to Photoshop her out) and I had this wonderful woman Tara - the media coordinator at the arts council who brought me to this horse farm to begin with - was able to click the shutter on my Holga.

It was unbelievable!!!! I was scared and exhilarated all at once! It made all of my frustrations vanish, even if just for a short time. Simon was actually pretty calm but when I first got on him, he was a bit jittery, wanting to take off. My leg and butt muscles are feeling it now. I am really looking forward to developing that film.

Tara said to me, after we got into the car heading back here that I was so brave to get onto a horse for the first time ever and to pose, sans eyeglasses, too. I don't know if I can call it being brave or being crazy but I am so glad I did it.

And I think I made a friend in all is not lost.

Tomorrow, another zany day during this residency. I was invited to have lunch with the whole staff. I thought that was nice....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 1

I got to Rverhead at 11-ish and Beth, the residency coordinator, was already here raring to go. She helped me bring in my car-full'o'fun which consisted of photo gear, props and art supplies....oh yeah, and clothes/food. I am really enjoying this apartment. You will see from the photos, the East End Arts Council did put forth the expense in making this a cozy environment.

After I unpacked a little, Beth and I hung my show. The space is FAR from ideal but I already had agreed to this whole thing and wasn't about to break the commitment. I was told Benjamin Genocchio might come out and look at it. That would be a good thing - I hope - as long as I don't get accused of the awkward space. By the way, Benjamin is the art critic for the Long Island edition of the NY Times. He gave me a favorable review a couple of years ago and it would be wonderful if I got another one - especially this being a solo show. I just wish it was in the main gallery. It would just make more sense, even if it's just one wall.

The room that 3 of my photos are doubles as my work studio. It is large, lovely and so bright. I plan to use it to shoot in as well as my transfer experiments. On Saturday night, it will be the room I do my artist talk in.

So, I am making the best of it out here. It's a warm night. I went to run a few errands, had dinner and will settle in with an episode of House. Tomorrow starts creation time!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I leave for Riverhead, Long Island for a week of uninterrupted art-making. I will be meeting with Beth in the morning to hang my exhibit and go through the slide presentation for Saturday night's artist talk. Then I will unpack and get settled. On Tuesday, I will be driving out to Southampton to draw a bit from a model and then back to "my place" to start on some transfers. Wednesday, will be spent really cooking on some new work. Thursday, I have a photo shoot planned for the afternoon and Friday, back to cooking. I'm not going to post on what I will be doing right now but all attempts will be recorded on here on a daily basis.

I'm getting pretty excited!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

coming along....

All of my images are printed for the 2 exhibitions this month. I ordered the plexiglass and I packed most of my supplies for my art-making in Riverhead next week. I posted an ad on Craigslist for models for next Thursday's photo shoot and am going to decide what images I want to put on my hard drive to use in my transfers. Yeah, I am going to experiment with image transfers with monoprint over them. Why not? I figure using oil-based mediums would be best doing away from the pets in a better ventilated area anyway.

Need to make up more business cards and get my head together with a list of details I may have forgotten.

In case I haven't posted the promos: