Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 1

I got to Rverhead at 11-ish and Beth, the residency coordinator, was already here raring to go. She helped me bring in my car-full'o'fun which consisted of photo gear, props and art supplies....oh yeah, and clothes/food. I am really enjoying this apartment. You will see from the photos, the East End Arts Council did put forth the expense in making this a cozy environment.

After I unpacked a little, Beth and I hung my show. The space is FAR from ideal but I already had agreed to this whole thing and wasn't about to break the commitment. I was told Benjamin Genocchio might come out and look at it. That would be a good thing - I hope - as long as I don't get accused of the awkward space. By the way, Benjamin is the art critic for the Long Island edition of the NY Times. He gave me a favorable review a couple of years ago and it would be wonderful if I got another one - especially this being a solo show. I just wish it was in the main gallery. It would just make more sense, even if it's just one wall.

The room that 3 of my photos are doubles as my work studio. It is large, lovely and so bright. I plan to use it to shoot in as well as my transfer experiments. On Saturday night, it will be the room I do my artist talk in.

So, I am making the best of it out here. It's a warm night. I went to run a few errands, had dinner and will settle in with an episode of House. Tomorrow starts creation time!
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