Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 4 - Yesterday really

I just woke up at 9am - which is late for me - because I had such a busy day yesterday. I did 2 photo shoots, one of which really took up most of the day to plan. It was me with 4 models and I don't know how well it actually came out. I shot 4 rolls of film with it so I have to have ONE good shot. I created a very odd setting of me in Victorian corset and poofy skirt writing in my journal with a feather pen surrounded by creatures. I had one with a bow and arrow aimed at a bunny woman with an apple on her head. I had a ram woman pouring tea for herself and the table my book was on was another creature. I shifted scenes with a creature taking pictures of me with a vintage camera and the others looking bored and then a few other variations.

The second shoot consisted of a printmaker I am friends with who looks like a bad ass in real life (though he is the father of 2 going on 3!!) I wanted to create a modern day Pieta so I was in Jesus' place and the hooded "bad ass" was Mary. I am really looking forward to seeing the negatives for that!

Today is kind of a wind-down day for me. Packing my car of some things and meeting friends for lunch then dinner. Tomorrow The Husband comes out and in the evening is the talk and then I go home!!!!! I will still update tonight and on Sunday.
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