Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 5 progresses - a summary of the week thus far

Its 5pm and I have down time. I have a few hours to kill before my friend comes here for dinner so I thought a good time to write. I was told that a reporter from the local press (Southampton Press and LI Pulse magazine) will be interviewing me tomorrow about my work and the residency program. I have decided to say about the program that I am the first candidate, that the program has a lot of potential but as of right now is in the growing stages and needs funding. I figured that statement is fair. It neither praises them for being fantastic, nor grinds them into the ground for not taking artist residencies very seriously (my real thought).

The bottom line is that a successful artist residency comes with:
- a stipend of some kind
- a private studio space with 24-hour access and not to be shared with others during the course of that residency.
- something worthwhile for that particular artist to come for - perfect example: if you invite a photographer to do this, offer them a fully-functional darkroom, not one that only provides chemistry to print and not anything to develop film.

My opinion is that these are very reasonable terms that I don't think requires that much more funding.

As I may have mentioned, one of their goals is to get international artists. What I have stated above is exactly what they need to do before they even consider that.

It is dark and rainy out at the moment. Perhaps a nap seems a good idea....
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