Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday morning post

I made small but significant renovations to my studio the last couple of weeks. I got rid of a useless shelving unit and replaced it with one that actually holds a lot. My 15 + years of artwork is now safely stowed away and out of my way. I was also able to pack up all of my darkroom equipment that I hope will get donated soon enough, otherwise it will end up in the basement stored away for all eternity.

The best thing, though is now I have a space to draw again. it's been so long and after this post, I will start on something. My drawing skills are not wonderful since I don't have the time to do it everyday but I enjoy it.

Aside from that, I have been re-assessing the blurb book I created. I realize it's expensive and the print quality is inconsistent through them. I really only wanted to create a book for promo purposes and if I make a few dollars selling a few that is a bonus. I decided to give a try. Talk about aggravation with their layout program. First off, you have to use the program online. They do not have a downloadable one. You have to have your images exactly the size one of their page layouts (which are not great) could fit into. This is all trial and error. One can create the whole book in InDesign or some other program but other than Photoshop, I am not well-versed in others. The process is more time consuming than anything else. They are slightly cheaper than blurb and I ordered the book last night. I will see if it's anything worth spending the money on. For England, I would love to have 10-15 copies to either give to a gallery or sell while there.

I need to get out and shoot more for the "Not Wonderland" series but I'm not feeling it just yet. I will go when I am ready.
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