Tuesday, June 1, 2010

life got in the way

The last few months has brought quite a bit of illness and death in my family, so when I haven't been exhibiting and/or speaking, I have been dealing with that. I have been struggling to create in between it all and I have a few new images I am working on. I am bouncing between a series of saint-related work, and the Not Wonderland series. I hope to conclude Not Wonderland in the next several weeks but here are 2 images from the saint work. One is a re-work and I like this treatment much more than the original, I think.

Here is a photo my friend Chris took of my models and me the other day when I did a shoot, mainly for fun. I honestly need to stick with the urban surroundings but this location always calls to me. Note the purple Holga - camera of choice for the last year and a half :)

In the meantime, I have also reworked my Blurb book including some Not Wonderland photos. Order your copy today!

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