Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A reflection with a little whine

I have been attempting to conclude my "Not Wonderland" series but one of the problems I have is the strong desire not to photograph in public spaces. If they are isolated, that is fine and perfect, but when there are people, specifically, LOTS of people, I stress out, lose focus and become drained rather quickly. I have felt that way when photographing in general. So imagine the challenge of being photographer and model as, mix in adding more models and then having to make sure we are not seen. It is a lot of pressure for me. Nobody is ever fully nude when I shoot in public, but we are partially so, and to a point where I can see it being a problem for me if bystanders were to come, watch and/or report. When I work in isolation, I am much calmer and can really concentrate on what I am trying to say.

This is it. I shot 3 rolls of film today. If I get nothing, so be it. If I get something, a bonus. Whatever the outcome, I am officially done with "Not Wonderland".
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