Saturday, July 17, 2010

An update

I know it's been awhile since I've updated but honestly, things have been a little slow in the art-making department. A few things have been buzzing - I will have 2 pieces in a group show next month in a gallery in Huntington, NY, I donated a piece to LI Artworks to help the BP oil spill wildlife survivors and I am submitting a piece for a book about death based on Ray Johnson ( .

I have also applied for a grant through Women in Photography to help fund the new "Angels" series. Aluminum sheets and image transfers add up financially, so I am praying I get this award.

And speaking of metal plates, yesterday, I took a solar plate printmaking class. If anyone knows basic printmaking techniques, this is a more modern way of doing printmaking. The metal plate is coated with a gelatinous light-sensitive emulsion. You take a photograph or drawing on acetate, put it over the plate and expose it to uv rays. Wash it in water, replace plate under the uv rays to harden and oilla! your plate is made. Ink the plate and run it through the press and go "ooh and ahh!" The great thing about doing this is that it is much easier than most other printmaking techniques. More importantly though, it is a non-toxic way to make prints.

The cons? The plates are very expensive. An 8 x 10 costs around $16 so in order to do a series of 15 images, plus paper and ink - would be a bit exorbitant. The other con is that you need a printing press - costs in the thousands - so you can either rent time in a printing studio, or in my case, make friends with the printmaking professors at the colleges and see when they are around for me to use their press.

I will post a photo of my final print later, but I have to say, the experience was an exciting one and had that same feeling when I was in the darkroom. Perhaps, this will lead to something but we will see.
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