Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new inspiration!

For a long time. I had played with the idea of performance video as another entity of my art-making. I made some videos that never saw anything outside of my hard drive but more lately, I've been drawn to it. It only seems natural since my photographs are already still performances, so something, or I should say someone finally inspired me to move forward and do it.

Robyn Bellospirito - yes, that is her last name. She is just as beautiful in spirit as her name. She is a painter, photographer but most prominently a performance artist. She performs via video and in public, busking while dancing. She has health problems that sometimes prevents her from doing a lot but she does what she can and tries to not let those problems stop her from living. We got together today and spent 6 hours talking about ideas of collaborating. Next week, we make our first videos together. We are kindred spirits, relating to so many facets of our lives and I can see this becoming a great friendship/working relationship.

I am so excited!
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