Monday, December 13, 2010

Much Much Needed Update

My dear readers, how I am sure you are bored and have given up on ever reading any new words from me. I wish I had a lot to update. I am still in between many concepts and have shot quite a bit of film but very little I actually love. Have more ideas brewing, though and hope I can work on some of them even as the cold of Winter is now upon us.

It's been since October so let me see...I did a living statue performance at the Ray Johnson: A Book About Death opening on November 3. It got rave reviews which I am pleased about.

I've been added to the blog of artist Ria Vanden Eynde entitled "The Body-Nothing Else: Women Artists Changing Bodies" - An honor! Please copy and paste the link:

I went to FaerieCon in November as well. What a time! I went to show off my wings but I also went to see if my work would have some kind of niche there. My thought, in the end, is that my photography doesn't belong on a calendar, bookmark or greeting card. I also learned that unless I had a spouse that can pay for everything, I can not dedicate as much time to making art as I would love to. Having said that, my loving and generous husband provides as much as he can and I don't ask for more from him. I just need to try and make the most of my free time as I can to make art....and I do try.

Damn Facebook.....

I will leave you with a fairly new image though. The leather headpiece was an acquisition from FaerieCon. Handmade by a wonderful artisan named Donovan. Love it!

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