Monday, March 28, 2011

OK so....

I really ought to be more diligent in updating this thing. I don't really know if people are even reading this or care, for that matter and in no way do I want to make myself sound so important but I am an artist and one of my goals is to share and hopefully inspire others....maybe.

Ideas are finally swirling around my head after what has been this massive artist's block. The concepts seem split between still photos and moving ones. I am writing in my "analog" journal when I can but I can't seem to physically "do" a whole lot. The video I previously uploaded was shot sometime in the Fall of 2010 and since I was in my studio the other day trying to do something, I thought I would make a go at a finished video. I like it, I suppose, but it's not what I would like to work on. I did shoot 5 rolls of film in a new-found cemetery the other day but with the kitchen sink currently out-of-order, I can not develop any of it.

Incidentally, a dear friend gave me a Diana camera still in the box, never used, awhile back. Since I haven't figured out a way to use it for my self-portraits alone, I had another friend help me test it out about 2 years ago with this outcome:

It was sitting in my studio until recently when I got the itch to really work it. First, I was going to try to modify it but ended up breaking the lens right off the body - don't ask. I glued it back on perfectly though with a super strong glue which managed to eek it's way to the focusing ring sealing it at 16ft. to infinity. Oh yes, the shutter also seems to be on the fritz. I need to push it down repeatedly until it finally opens. Good times, for sure! I used it anyway in the cemetery so I am giddy with anticipation to see if I got anything.....I think that with the way this artist block thing is going, the images have to be interesting. The post script is that I did come home from my photo excursion and with a needle, got the glue out of the focus ring crevice rendering it loose. Yay.

Two-woman exhibit comes down this week. No one saw it except on the day of the opening. It looked really strong, too. Note to self - in all of the years you have been showing, you need to know when to say "no". Not every exhibit needs to get you so far with your career, however, the place needs to be open to the public on a regular basis and decent foot-traffic or strong contacts from the curator of the space would be helpful. I also need to make some calls this week to make some headway on doing a live performance based on the "My Skin" videos.

Cemetery shooting has encouraged me to get back to work on the "Angels" series. I think I may have figured out the execution of them....details to follow.

The next few weeks should bring more hope for warmer weather. I am directly affected by it. This Winter has brought me so much sadness that I want to hurry up and shed that.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Kind of Malaise

I need to get out there again. The desire is getting strong which is a wonderful thing. I was beginning to get scared that new ideas wouldn't come...I still don't know if I have anything concrete in my head but there are snippets of images I can see and I know that if I start shooting, some sort of flow has to take place. I have been creating illustrations and have to say I am bored to tears by them. I suppose I now know that it is not my calling. I made a couple of paintings and may even have an idea for a series of self-portrait ones but I want my camera back.

It's still cold even with the more milder days we've had. The chill in my body doesn't want to leave. I've seen people walking around with light jackets on, yet I am still in my winter coat with gloves and scarf. Will I ever get warm? I want to go back to the Delaware Water Gap. That place was so magical when I went there over 10 years ago. I am sure things have changed - as they should - I have changed so it will be interesting to revisit. When the weather does reach a level I can live with, I will plan a trip for it.

In the meantime, I will try to focus and write down the ideas I have. I know that I set up this blog to share things like that but some things I would rather keep to myself. My hand-written journals mean a lot to me so I keep them sacred.

It's 7:46am and I finally see some sun peeking through my window.