Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011

New ideas have begun to brew for a new series. Some old projects need to be tied up and completed as well. As soon as my day-workload lightens up, I can spend time with it all in my studio and in the outdoors. In two weeks, I go on vacation and my new, flawed friend Diana is coming with. As I may have mentioned, Diana has an intermittent shutter issue, thus forcing me to repeatedly click the shutter until, well, it goes "Click". Diana also doesn't have a place in which to add a cable release so I fancied one out of hemp string. She also doesn't have a tripod see where this is going? I have to modify and make-shift Diana in order to use her solo. It's good, actually. The new idea I have exploits the frustrating process of shooting and with the more-than-possible "accidents and defects" the end results will be. I am looking forward to the challenge!

In my absent-mindedness, I never once mentioned here on my blog about my video "Encounter #1" being shown all over the world. Thanks to the curatorial team of "Seeking Kali" (Bill Evertson, Susan Shulman and Ria Van Edyne), the video was submitted to a physical group exhibition entitled "Archetypology". My video is being shown in Croatia, Sarajevo, Berlin, Boston and Quebec. Who knew that a very impromptu and improvised 30-second video shoot (that was edited up to a little over 2 minutes) would get that much exposure? I am a happy artist indeed.

In the meantime, I eagerly await the warm weather. Mother Nature is being a little slow in bringing it in, teasing us once in a while with a few hours of it but then blasting some cold winds back! I love her but damn, is she cruel!

Here is a Diana image that I took last month: