Saturday, July 16, 2011

Totally adorable

For those of you that don't know what my day job is - I am an artists' model. I pose for drawing, painting and sculpture classes and groups all across Long Island, NY (and some areas of NYC). I am one of the top models for most of the local colleges and universities - I say "top" because as an artist myself, I know what to give to the student/artist. My poses are dynamic when needed, and graceful otherwise. Most of the classes have consisted of students and/or artist ranging in age 19-90. However, within the last couple of years, I have begun to model for the younger kids - high school and under age.

The last two summers have been spent modeling at USDAN - a music and art day camp that has a great reputation, at least I knew for music. I had no idea there was an art program until I was asked to model there. The grounds of the camp are beautiful and the kids are cute - well, as cute as a woman who isn't into kids can be. Because of the nature of the camp and the age of the kids, I do not model nude but in shorts and a skimpy top. Yesterday, was the last day of a three-week session with one instructor. Because I knew the kids would be bored with the same outfit for three weeks, I asked him in the first week if I could wear a costume the last week. He agreed so out came the fairy wings:

The kids loved it. The art department head loved it. Hell, instructors and other kids from all over the camp grounds came to see me and photograph me the whole week. In fact, yesterday, I experienced the most adorable thing. The kids I model for are roughly between 13-17 years old. There is another section of kids in the "Discovery" zone which are ages 5 or 6. The instructors there caught wind that a real, live fairy was on the grounds so they brought their kids in to see me. I never realized how impressionable that age really is. One girl debated me saying I wasn't a real fairy because I had a tattoo and glasses. I tried explaining that I was here in Human form so they could see and identify with me but I didn't get the words out as the other kids were convinced I WAS a real fairy. They all screamed and kept asking me to fly and when I told them I couldn't at the moment, they were saddened. As the they left though, they were arguing with the girl that didn't believe I was a fairy. They honestly thought I was real and my heart swelled. The kids were the best and it was inspiring! Thinking of doing kids' parties now as a fairy - ha ha ha ha!

A great experience :) The photos here are obviously of me with the older kids. They were a hoot as well. As you can see, one boy just HAD to get into the faerie realm himself!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011