Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The End of Summer

And what a Summer it's been. I feel as if I accomplished a lot and nothing at the same time. I'm working on images sporadically, shooting the occasional video when inspired but focusing greatly on the book project. That has taken a great importance - the motivation for it is how much and how far I want the message spread - That an overweight girl can rise from the ashes and become a phoenix. A fat girl not to be defined by that, but by beauty, grace and strength.

I am going to be working with an editor in the fantasy/sci-fi industry and I am very excited about it. I have a few publishing houses I have been looking at that I want to submit it to when it is revised, so hopefully 2012 will be the year it is published. Now to come up with a title...

On a more personal note, there is also another reason for my lack of physical activity in the art-realm:

This little girl came into my life over 5 months ago. She was running through my neighborhood without a collar. I took her in, spent weeks trying to find her home (and with the help of our local no-kill animal shelter) and after much effort and no word, I have officially adopted her this month. Daisy is a 3-year old smooth coat Jack Russell Terrier and while my husband and I mourned the loss of two of our beloved pets this year, and vowed we would not be getting a dog in the foreseeable future, we couldn't help but become smitten by this baby. She has been so loving, happy and joyful and if you are an animal lover like I am, you can just see in this photo how letting her run loose or just leaving her at any shelter would not have been an option. Perhaps there is a Higher Power that wanted her to be with us and help ease the pain of our recent loss. Perhaps, it was just time for her to be with us...or us to be with her!

And as Autumn - my favorite season - comes in, I will welcome it with open arms. It may be the beginning of an end of the year, but I look at it as the beginning of another chapter in the life of AnnMarie Tornabene. Looking forward to what will happen in 2012.
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