Sunday, January 15, 2012

The new year comes in with a bang!

Wow, the year has barely started and some "exciting" things are looming about. One of my videos on YouTube has been blocked by Germany and another flagged inappropriate and removed off their site. YouTube does not have a contact email but I did find a phone number and will be calling tomorrow to make a complaint. According to their terms, artistic nudity is fine (the flagged video showed little nudity). Now, it showed me tying a rope around me - the second of two videos I've made of this nature and though I am sure some layman was the one to flag it, the TOS Committee reviewed it and removed it. They shall get an earful tomorrow.

In better news, I am on my way to promoting the "Angels" series.

I have also created a companion performance video

and am in the process of creating a book if the images (trying different POD companies) to send to galleries/sell.

This will also be the year I finally get my YA book edited and hopefully shopped around. I am anxious to get it published and am thinking positive about it.

Also finished my first abstract painting! Do I ever stop working? No and I refuse to, no matter what else is going on in my life.


Until next time - sending light and love to those that need it!