Sunday, March 18, 2012

Exciting photo stuff

(two photos with Hipstamatic app)

So, I've been in a photo slump for awhile and still sort of am. I have been concentrating on my "Angels" series, painting, drawing and working on my YA book. However, simultaneously, within weeks, I've been exposed (no pun intended, really) to new concepts with the Holga, Eugene Atget's Paris park images, and, believe it or not, the iPhone.

I tried being a luddite but it doesn't seem to work. Kicking, screaming and whining for a year, telling anyone who cared to listen that I refuse to become one among the masses to even consider owning a smartphone was a vain futile attempt at being a snobbish and stubborn purist - much in the way I was when digital imaging first came out. When I thought there was no way a beautiful photographic image could be made from a computer, I turned my nose up and declared, "I will only shoot film and I will only make darkroom prints." Here I am, still shooting film but, my oh my are my digital prints nice!

And so, the Hipstamatic app (short for application for those people that oddly still wouldn't know), which is a camera effect app has showed me, like the Holga, how I can lose some more control over the end result of the image. No complicated buttons (which has always been a philosophy I have lived by) but a number of lens and film options that create moods/compositions like nobody's business. Full resolution gives me a 2MB file and a wonderfully intimate 7 x 7 printed photograph that seems to fit my work perfectly. I have a real project in mind with this, not just with self-portraits but other images as well. The only downfall is a lack of tripod mount, self-timer or as the normal iPhone camera has, a reverse mirror to photograph myself. That means assistant standing in exact spot I do when composing the shot and then hope for the best. As long as I make all the settings and instruct my assistant from start to finish, it is still my image.

I still have my film and Holga. In fact, I shot 5 rolls of film with 3 modified bodies just the other day so, folks, do not look glum. Film will never leave my side until it dissolves by the manufacturers.