Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspiration, how I need thee!

I'm coming up with scraps of ideas. I shoot a few images and go "ooh" but then think of a why to create a series based on it. The past 2 years after the "Angels" series was resolved, I shoot, paint and think. And think. And think. My Romantic images have been done. Or have they? I keep shooting the comfort zone but then I do some spontaneously unromantic images that set off a tiny spark but what do they mean? Do they have to mean anything? Well, to me, they do. Whose idea was it for the artist to have to come up with a statement about that work anyway? Isn't that supposed to be up to the critic/curator?

Meh.....I have two weeks of free creative time starting next week. I HAVE to focus, literally.

Monday, September 17, 2012

What new is there to report? This past Summer was spent focused on lots of house renovations but I did manage to do a few creative things in between. I finished my second painting of a series I am thinking of, I've worked on my young adult fantasy book and I did shoot.

For awhile, though, I had no desire to pick up the camera. As many artists feel, I've felt discouraged with my photographs. I've been tired with the promoting aspect of things and really jaded by the art world itself. Many upcoming artists don't realize that it's a business like everything else and what is hip and popular at the moment, is what many galleries want to see. It also depends on the mood of the curator at the time he/she looks at the work and several other factors.

And then I think more about my photographs. Some people feel my work is too edgy. Some feel it isn't at all. I'm not looking for edgy. I'm looking for honesty. So, I send out my promo materials anyway when I can afford to do so (and find some promising places) and either don't hear from them at all, or get rejected.

So, the question on some people's minds would be "then why bother?" Well, it's what I need to do. I need to make art. If my materials - camera, paints, canvas, etc. were taken away from me, I would starve as much as having the need for food.

Some say calling oneself an artist is snobbish and pretentious. I suppose I can understand that if it's coming from someone with a motive that is on the surface -i.e. to make money or to be looked at as important: a status symbol.

I call myself an artist simply because it's what I do, and I do use the term humbly. I've been trained in it and I think like one. It's a curse a lot of the time because I don't make money from it and I don't get a lot of attention from it. I'm not a "rock star" in the art world and my work isn't readily sought out. Maybe one day it will be.

In the meantime, though, I keep plodding along and doing what feeds me.

As for the desire to pick up the camera? It always comes in these waves. What brought me back was the decision to go back to my 35mm Nikon FM2. I've been shooting with Holga cameras for a long time now and being able to control the focus and exposure again, has felt so good. Holding a substantially heavy piece of equipment (I've attached an MD-12 motor drive to it) also feels good, even if I mount it onto my tripod.

So, yes, I do have new work up on my site. I think I may be on to something with one series so I have to reign my thoughts in a bit and focus on one, rather than various bodies of work in progress.

Or do I have to?