Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspiration, how I need thee!

I'm coming up with scraps of ideas. I shoot a few images and go "ooh" but then think of a why to create a series based on it. The past 2 years after the "Angels" series was resolved, I shoot, paint and think. And think. And think. My Romantic images have been done. Or have they? I keep shooting the comfort zone but then I do some spontaneously unromantic images that set off a tiny spark but what do they mean? Do they have to mean anything? Well, to me, they do. Whose idea was it for the artist to have to come up with a statement about that work anyway? Isn't that supposed to be up to the critic/curator?

Meh.....I have two weeks of free creative time starting next week. I HAVE to focus, literally.

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