Monday, December 17, 2012

Art and Non-Art

The end of the year comes to a close. Personally, I've had a few distressing times - one a suicide of an old friend, some family dramas and tragedies, and a few lost friendships. Artistically, I have had a flubbering time coming up with something concrete in terms of a series. Seems, though, I've made a full circle going from what I thought was the end of the "Angels" series, to photographing myself in the actual cemeteries, then going back to pretty pictures or ones that looked "edgy" or "cool" but had zero meaning to going back to "Angels".  I believe I am still forming relationships with the various statuary and the melding of myself with them via digital technology is challenging and when I have it right, rewarding. I never thought that I would use it at this level, always sticking my nose in the air saying that the "truth" and integrity of the image should be in its purest form - the pure shot. Meaning, I did minimal digital work to my images except cleaning up, exposure corrections, cropping and maybe omitting the cable release.

Truth and integrity, my butt. The message I am attempting to say with the "Angels" is true. I feel sadness, empathy, love and even sensuality when I look at the faces carved from stone and marble, and spirituality? Well, yes.....I may not believe in the Christian God but angels and saints? I believe some are on this earth and not necessarily just in the Heavens and they are to help ease emotional pain and turmoil.

Pain and turmoil. We're seeing it more and more. In the last couple of years, there has been more environmental disasters worldwide and in the US, more mass shootings - one that took place only this past week at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Children and teachers killed by a 20 year old boy with obviously some mental illness whom killed his mother and himself in addition to the others.

What are we to do? Get angry, write our politicians, get the gun laws changed. Sure that will solve the problem in part but in a pessimistic but perhaps realistic view, within the human condition, the more you keep something from someone, the more they will try to get it (i.e banning guns? Where there's a will, there's a way). How about mandatory psychological evaluations for everyone past the age of 10? Not realistic in the least but as the "tree-hugger" that I sometimes am, I believe the most evil person performing the most heinous crime did it as a cry for help. No, this does not help those that have died nor their survivors at all and generally those evil persons destroy themselves in the end anyway.

I don't have concrete answers to this and I am scared at where things are going with our world. I wonder if even a small part of it is too much exposure on the Internet of what is going on with others that is also giving ideas to the ones in need of help.  As for the environment, I do as much as I am able and hope others are as well.

And as I end this post for the year 2012, I hope and pray that positive change is on its way for 2013. I hope there are solutions to our world problems and I hope that people lift their heads from their phones, iPads, computers, etc. long enough to acknowledge each other face to face and know that even through the muck, there are many kind, loving and wonderful people right in front of them.

And as for my art - I hope to get this body of work really out there for those wonderful people right in front of me to see and hope they see in the work something worthy of a nice white gallery wall or two.

I do want to end this post on a light note though - my baby girl was pooped after a 20-minute photo shoot with her and my kitty for this year's holiday card and made sure she let me know how pooped she was.