Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Year Comes to a Close...

2013 is almost over. I sit and try to reflect on what I did this year. I worked on the "Angels" series some more and a bunch of side projects and random photo shoots. I painted a little but mainly focused on my camera (no pun intended). Cleaning my studio for the year, I looked through my images the past few days. I am starting to see several threads that are common. The journey is so ever present and with cemetery visits, costume choices, etc. a spiritual journey of sorts is what seems to be coming to fruition, not just with the one series.

It is with that in mind, that I have decided, next year to get a Kickstarter campaign going with the goal of traveling overseas to Europe - to older Christian (and Pagan) places to photograph and to photograph myself at. The Divine Journey is a working title and to create a large hardcover "coffee table" book of images ranging from the digital collages to the more straight imagery all carrying the concept of me searching for meaning in the spiritual. Sure, I could explore other cultures' ideologies of spirituality but Paganism and Christianity are the two areas that I seem to be connected to. And it's only since my father's death in 2009 that I really became interested in the symbolism of it and more recently, have become more connected to neo-Pagans through the Fae conventions I have been attending. I actually had no idea that it thrives as much as it does but I believe that maybe with the way the world is today - climate changes, political and social problems a-plenty, I could see why many are turning to the religion of old.

With that, I wish all of my readers a wonderful holiday season (beware of the Krampus!) and a very bight and happy New Year! And I leave you with my fantasy of the day - the wish to be a Medieval queen :)