Sunday, January 12, 2014


I posted on Wednesday about Kickstarter and wow, has this already been an emotional ride. I am slowly getting backers (most are very generous so far) and I have been excited and thrilled but also anxious and impatient. This project and my travels to Europe to shoot are very important to me. Probably more so than any other photo project I have ever worked on. Perhaps it's because there is more than just the personal aspect to it. I think this is my strongest work to date and so I may have said that in the past on the work then - that only means that I am becoming a better artist, constantly improving my vision.

Kick start - yes I separated the word because I am thinking this - the campaign has kick started my drive to create but more importantly, my drive to promote my work. Sure, annually, I send out packets to galleries, update my website and Facebook pages but my blog is pretty stagnant and not much outside interest in my work other than from my Facebook page.

So, I think this Kickstarter campaign has forced me to join other social networking sites in hopes to get the word out about me and my art. I can now be followed on Twitter and Instagram and I hope to get more followers here as well! Here I post one of my latest images - "The Three Graces" © 2014 AnnMarie Tornabene

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