Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trying to Live in the Present

As the title suggests, this task is very difficult. I have been in a whirlwind of excitement, thinking about nothing but the trip to Europe. I will finally be booking my three flights on Monday, but have to wait a few months to book the train from Manchester, England to Paris. Apparently, it is too early to do that. Because I will be on a fairly tight schedule, I have to widdle my schedule down to the most essential things. Yes, of course I will be having loads of fun, thanks to my dear friends whom I am spending time with in each place, but I am there to work and I need to make sure I get to those locations above all else.

Ah, but living in the present....I am printing the rewards due and ordering the mini portfolios for my supporters and I mailed out my passport renewal. There are two events that will take place before that time - this weekend, I am attending a fun convention with a friend of mine and in May, is my birthday road-trip, probably to Massachusetts. I still have to work, I still have my everyday life to lead but the romantic in me keeps thinking of this trip. I suppose it will indeed be one of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences so I am just beyond excited.

I intend to use this blog to document my travels throughout as well so stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


My Kickstarter goal has been met with a couple of days to go! This has been unbelievable and I am still trying to process it all. It's been almost like a surreal, slow-motion movie. I was at a little over $3000 yesterday morning. I spent the weekend in a little bit of a funk, as I had resigned myself to the fact that I just wasn't going to make it. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into this campaign. I stepped out of my comfort zone to speak on camera about my work (hopefully, that will become useful in the future when I become a famous artist and need to be interviewed live - ha ha ha) and having to advertise, and constantly push this, making some people annoyed and even angry! I didn't want to fail after all I have done and no matter how much I told myself that trying is not failing, I wasn't feeling any better.

Then yesterday morning, I posted, what I thought would be my last update. Almost on bended knee trying to get my supporters to do whatever they really could do by telling them how wonderful I was feeling about where I was at, and though I felt depressed, I honestly did feel blessed that so many people believed in me so much that they would back me in a way that I never thought would or could.

Then, I went about my usual routine, putzing around Facebook for awhile. It was within less than 5 minutes after I posted my update, that I was messaging with a colleague of mine - who wishes to remain anonymous. I asked "any chance you'd be able to support me in my venture?" I realize many of us have limited resources, so I never expect anything but hope. What I received was nothing short of a miracle. The colleague donated $2000. "They"pushed me over my goal mark and I almost fell off my chair speechless. I had to make sure I was looking at it correctly, with thoughts racing with "what am I looking at here? Maybe it's a typo." It wasn't.

It just goes to show that one never knows what will happen. Your whole life can change in a matter of seconds. Usually that statement is referred in a negative way - like a tragedy, but it can be said, as in this case, in the most positive way one can say!

My prayers have been answered and although I credit this one person so much, he can not take ALL of the credit. All of my other wonderful supporters made this all possible for me. The comments, messages, virtual hugs, encouragement and even loads of help and advice (Craig Alan Huber and the amazing and resilient MaryAnn Lynch who have pushed me and inspired me!) have given me the best experience one could hope for.

Lastly, I would like to say that as I sit and go over the logistics of my trip to Europe, I look at the campaign and see I have hours to go and am still receiving donations.  I am thrilled and would like to set the bar a little higher in order to get some extra funds for "breathing room" and to go toward the production of the book since I will probably be self-funding most of that. I have about 45 hours left from the time this blog post is published. For my supporters that have donated smaller amounts, if you would be able to upgrade your pledge, now would be the time to do so. For those still considering backing me, please, please donate. For those that cannot, please forward my link as much as possible.

And everyone again, though these words are really less than adequate to express my deepest gratitude, it's all my mind can muster at the moment. THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!