Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My upcoming European trip

I sent an update to my Kickstarter supporters today for the Divine Journey project that was what has led to my upcoming trip. So, I thought I ought to update this now, since my blog is what I will be posting on while on my trip so I can share some of my experiences.

I am leaving in 40 days! I have all my flights and trains booked (except for some local train trips while in England) and have lots of ideas already forming in my head. In England, since it is more old religion, than that of Catholicism, I will be focusing on mainly two things -  Number one: abbey/castle/monastery ruins that I will absorb the energy from and become inspired to photograph in (and hoping to include the most lovely 9 year old boy as my newly found cherub...although a 9 year old is hardly cherub. Must figure out definition then.)

The second will be my continuous re-enactments in the museums via the Pre-Raphaelite works (see photo example). A side project that started out to just be for fun but may have some deeper concepts going on here. I might as well take advantage of the Lady Lever and Walker Art Galleries while I am there!

The second leg of the "tour" will be France - Paris, mainly - where I will be exploring two huge cemeteries - Pere Lachaise and Montmarte. both historical, so I will be sure to find some very unique angel statuary, and perhaps some other figures that can be used in The Divine Journey work. Of course, I will also have to go to the Musee D'Orsay and Notre Dame in addition to what should be continuous photo opportunities at every glance.

Lastly, is Italy. How can I go wrong in Italy? This is my heritage! Angels and Saints that I am sure I will trip over (no disrespect to my Catholic peers there). Another side project will take place while I am there, too, since my host - a man who I am almost certain is a distant cousin (we share the same last name and boy, does he look like he comes from my father's family!) looks like a Caravaggio painting. I have become inspired by his face ever since I first saw and "met" him on Facebook. He is a creative, artistic crazy person like me, so he was all for it when I asked if he would pose for and with me. This will definitely be a once in a lifetime treat so I  must truly focus on getting some wonderful shots.

And speaking of that - equipment - I decided to bring my newly adopted Canon 40D - a DSLR (thank you, Chris!) for most digital work, but I am also bringing my Nikon FM2 with about 6-8 rolls of TMAX 400 film. Yes, indeed, I will be shooting black and white film but since I am no longer developing it anymore, I will have it developed and I'll scan them in. "Why bother?" some ask. Well, you can still see grain in a scanned negative and I do love the look of that. I also feel that some of the work I do there, like the Caravaggio studies, needs to have tangible negatives as opposed to digital files that may (hopefully not!) disappear off my hard drive one day. But the digital vs. film argument will not continue now, since that is a tangent I do not want to embark on in this post.

So, if I do not update this again until I get to Europe, know that I will be doing my very best to post and update it as much as I can while there. Thank you for reading this, as always and much love to you all.