Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In the UK

My second day here in England and the weather nor the sights have disappointed. The countryside is lovely and after a frustrating start yesterday (two of the abbey ruins I wanted to visit are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays!), my wonderful tour guide, Neil and I found two great locations to photograph in. Shrewsbury Abbey -  not in ruins and an active church it seems, and Lilieshall Abbey ruins. Those ruins in particular were magical, just walking the grounds.

And speaking of magic, I found some in a beautiful 9 year old boy. My friend Brittany's son is an honest to Goddess intense little guy. He's sweet and loveable but he's got a depth about him that leaves you frozen in his gaze. I photographed him today on these church grounds in a town called Knutsford in Cheshire. I learned that the church was built atop Druid ground and as my friend felt the magic and energy from there, it wasn't until I looked at her son, that I felt something. He allowed me to photograph him with headstones and trees and looked right at my lens for each shot. I was so drawn to him, that I followed him through the grounds and found something in him that I need to continue shooting. Originally, I was going to have him in angel wings (and still might if I can get him to agree to wearing them, though when I asked yesterday, he adimantly said no), but I think what I got today might have been more....real.

My plan for tomorrow is Chester and Manchester with my trusty tour guide. A pub with some good cider will be in order too, I think.

And photos  to follow...
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