Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back in New York - photos and update

My internet connection in Italy was scarce so my apologies for not being able to update there. I hit a major snag while there - my luggage was delayed for several days so I couldn't photography myself until Thursday - the day before I left! And this time, I got written permission to photograph in the Certosa di Bologna so no problems with anything! Also, the heat in Italy was the worst I think I experienced these three weeks and I felt ill on several occasions. Nonetheless, I managed to get some great photos! And many thanks to my gracious host and hostess - Max Tornabene (we STILL don't know if we are related!) and his girlfriend Federica. They were so kind, warm and hospitable and Max made a great model as well!

I am in the process of working on the photos as I type this and I only have a few to post here from the England leg of the trip so here are a few: The boy is Tyler of whom I wrote about before. What a wonderful kid and model! I will add more photos as soon as possible!

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