Saturday, August 2, 2014

France, I'll be back home soon

Today is my last day in France until I'm back living here in a few months. I've seen many amazing and breathtaking sights, experienced many delicious foods (crepes, fromage, chocolat et du pain - what more do you need?) and taken in many different types of ambiance dependent on what arrondissement I was in. I've been photographing like mad, finding statues and inspiration at every corner. I also set out to the two cemeteries I was on a mission to photograph at.

Having said that, an altercation of sorts took place at Pere Lachaise historical cemetery. As I was interacting with a monument, a security guard not only came by to stop me (something I never experienced in the states), but had to contact her boss - the cemetery "master" I'll call him - to come look at the photos I took and forced me to delete them, explaining in a brute way, that I wasn't allowed.....I had taken some wonderful poses with statuary that were now gone. I explained to him that I was an artist and in no way intending any disrespect but was told because I didn't have written consent, I was not allowed to, I guess pose with the, basically if I had permission, I was allowed to do this. (That makes, not really) We were then told to leave immediately. My boyfriend suggested that because I'm not French, I was let off easy.....there could've possibly been worse consequences. I'm hoping that with data recovery software, that I can somehow retrieve the deleted photos, especially since I've swapped out memory cards making sure I didn't shoot anything over the deleted data. And there was a couple of shots the "master" didn't see that I was able to keep...

On a better note, I did manage to interact with one beautiful statue at Montmarte Cemetery. And what a better atmosphere that place was in general - much more what I'm used to - quiet and peaceful as opposed to Pere Lechaise that was so packed with people, I thought I was in Disneyland.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Bologna - where I know I'll be surrounded by angels everywhere and I have my cousin that will pose for me for a side project in homage of Caravaggio. I'm looking forward to that as well as the fooooooooooood! I'll be back in the states on August 8 and will start working on the completion of The Divine Journey in the midst of preparing for my biggest journey in my life yet - my move to France, to a surburb outside of Paris. Those blog entries will be saved for another time...
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