Thursday, November 27, 2014

The series, she is done!

It's been a month since I have updated and so I do now with great news! The Divine Journey series is complete! any artist will tell you, as complete as it can be. I should probably just use the term "resolved" instead. There could be a time in the future where I revisit this but with ideas that I now have brewing, I think it's time for a new journey, especially as my big move will happen in a little over a month.

I have started the layout of my book but will be sometime before I get that resolved. I need to rewrite my statement and make sure the images coincide with that in a way that is not confusing for the viewer/reader. I also need to compile a final Credit list, including my Kickstarter supporters that have pledged certain amounts and some very special people that have made this all possible. I believe the list will be lengthy.

Another bit of news is that an art collector has purchased a good number of my prints today. She was very enthusiastic and appreciative of my processes and content which is so very validating. She chose not just from the new series but from "Rabbitholes and Revelations" and one from "Not Wonderland.  I am very thankful for the connection and for her support.

And in that vain, I would like to take this time - the day before Thanksgiving to say thank you to all of you who do support and love me and who have kept me sane. I won't be naming names but you know who you are. This past year has been tumultuous and I have been doing my very best to stay focused on my goals and I am getting closer to them. I know i could not have done it without you and honestly, mere words do not express my gratitude.

So, please go to my site and see the complete "Divine Journey" series and I do encourage comments and opinions so please feel free to either comment here or shoot me an email.

Happy Thanksgiving and much love to you all!