Friday, January 23, 2015

First Update of the Year

OK, so it's the end of January but it is technically the first update of the year. Moving to another country has taken precedence so now that I am getting acclimated and settled a bit, I can finally type this.

It has been an amazing and wonderful experience so far and with each day and each new experience, I am more confident of the move I made here. I am learning the language, having two great "teachers" to help me and I have started to move around and make my way locally and in Paris somewhat independently (with a very loving and doting man making sure I am alright every step of the way). I even have a daily routing I get into and it usually involves one visit to la boulangerie for baguettes. This reminds me of my grandfather when he used to go to get fresh Italian bread all the time.

The dust has also settled a bit for me to be able to return to the Divine Journey book to finish the layout and revise my statement. It's almost complete and my hope is that it will be ready for publishing within the next few months. I am about to get my printing space setup (will be buying an inexpensive printer for now, within the week) but in the meantime, I have been creating a new painting to get my creative mind working again.

I will end this brief post with some photos of my new environment and two of me and the man that is my shining light, my soulmate and the one that has proven to me time and again that true and unconditional love does exist.