Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Paris Art Scene

After settling here a bit, I finally took a few days online to explore local art galleries in Paris. I found a few sites that listed some and I found several that seemed fitting for my work and went on to visit two the other day. Both located dans le sexieme arrondissement (the 6th arrondissement) - one on rue du Seine and the other on rue Mazarine - both streets near each other and apparently not too far from Quai Voltaire, where the Musee D'Orsay is.

Not surprisingly, when I got to the area, I saw many galleries peppered throughout a three block radius, similar to Chelsea in Manhattan but better because pubs, restaurants and a few other cool businesses made up the rest of this area so if you wanted to take a day of looking at art, you had a great choice of places to go for lunch during that time.

I went into one gallery, introduced myself to the owner (with an assistant that spoke better English) and gave him my promo card. I never would have dreamed to do this in NewYork but I am new here and FROM New York so I thought by telling them that, it might make me even more appealing (in fact, their faces had an expression of awe when I did tell them of my move) so who knows.I was told if he was interested, he will call me. I emailed them the next day to say it was nice meeting them and to remind them of my website. No response since but that's expected.

I walked into other galleries and it seems their white wall setups are all the same and as usual, I saw both good and bad art.

And speaking of art in general, I have just been dabbling with painting and with mixed media image transfer paintings again....two examples here but not quite sure what these are. I am thinking they are more experiments with different acrylic mediums more than finished work.....

And here are a few shots taken near the galleries:

The weather is getting warmer here, which is also a good thing and I feel for my friends in the Northeast US for dealing with all of the ice and snow. Now that March is almost here, let it be the end of that for you all!

Until next time....