Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Divine Journey Book

I have finally completed and ordered copies of the book for those Kickstarter supporters that pledged $100 for their reward. These books will be hand-signed with a personal letter and shipped to them promptly. Soon, it will be available for purchase by the public via Blurb, and I am also in the process of looking into an ISBN number so I can sell it elsewhere, too, like Amazon.

And have I photographed anything lately? Do I have any ideas floating around in this mind? Very little. My personal life is going through some more changes so my mind is not ready to turn that into anything artistic, though I hope it does once things are settled. I will post this one image though, that I created recently but not sure if it's a precursor for a new series or just a one shot deal, literally.

And several months ago, I created two more images still in the Divine Journey frame of mind but I am thinking they are pretty weak but here they are:

I can honestly say that it is time to definitely move on with my work. I have set out to complete that series and it is time for something, I am confident that it will soon start to happen.