Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Woodland" series

I have been creating images the last 2 weeks. They are illustrative, but what else is new? I am about to get a new MacBook Pro, so I have been perusing my external hard drive and seem I have so much source material to continue with these digital composite/collages that I began doing with The Divine Journey work, so while I am still wondering where I am "going", I thought I would follow fondly down the path of my faerie self and into the woods. Here are several images that I think make the cut....



Monday, August 10, 2015

Inventory Sale Update and other news

I have updated the design on my website for the Inventory Sale pages so you can see larger versions of the works for sale. Also, I am offering, for the first 5 buyers, a free SIGNED copy of one of my artist proof books for any purchase over $100!

I am shipping from France internationally and will work with you on shipping costs. PayPal only at this time. For more questions or to place an order, please email me at atornabene5469@gmail.com!

In other news, I am feeling the desire again to create. I have a new idea brewing, which of course mirrors current events. Transition.......my life has gone through a major change and I see my work going through one as well. I will still be using my figure in my work, but not so clearly and obviously. I am wavering between so many ways to go about this because,  with an illustrative thought-process, it's difficult for me to think abstractly or go underneath the surface. In any event, I must get shooting as soon as this heat cools down. At the moment, we have 30 degree (Celsius) days, and no air conditioning so indoor or outdoor shooting is not happening.

And, off the topic of art, for those of you that do not follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I share a few photos that speaks volumes.....July 18th, I married the most amazing, fantabulous man I have ever known. I never thought "soulmate" existed until now. My perfect match in every way.