Friday, September 18, 2015

Selling my art - patrons, please?

I have climbed out from the mound of legal paperwork to write this post and I am probably repeating myself here.  As I continue through this transition of moving to another country, I can first, with 1000% confidence, say that this is the best decision I have ever made. I am very happy and very much in love.

However, it still is a major transition and, well, I have hit a major economic crisis. Without getting too personal, my husband and I are struggling more than we thought we would at this point because I am not legal to work here yet and there are things that are not quite settled. My only options right now are to really try and sell my artwork. I have two places with work for sale right now:

An Inventory Sale through my website. These are prints from my flat files that have been made either as artist proofs or final prints. There are pigment prints and silver gelatin ones. I needed to make room for new work and to also just keep the prints that are ready for exhibition.

 You will have to email me with your orders but I am shipping worldwide. I know the fees to ship overseas can get expensive, but I will work with you on the cost, depending on the size of your order. my website -

RedBubble for more "commercialized"  work, including some from the "Works of Art" series. Here you can order from them direct and they have available anything ranging from cards to poster prints. They also have canvas and metal prints available. Pretty awesome, I think - and no, I am not having my work on T-shirts, mugs, etc. I will never go this route with my art. So, you order from them directly and I get a percentage of the sales. It's a good percentage too and of course, the more I sell, the better the money.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my email list has been flooded to death with posts of what I am selling so here is just one more place to promote it. I will be sharing this blog post anyway with my feeds and if you can share and pass the info along to anyone that might want to become one of my patrons, please do.

Today is our 2 month wedding anniversary. I am not the type to count things like that - anniversary does mean annual, but this is so huge for me, that right now, each month needs to be celebrated.

Thank you for reading :)

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