Thursday, March 3, 2016

website updated, new work and some French


J'ai mon examen de Français mardi et j'ai fini mes classes hier donc je sais plus Français mais pas assez. C'est pas grave. Je continuerai des classes plus tard mais maintenant je veux parler de mon art.

I have a new series of work (in progress) entitled "Shining the Light". It's different than my earlier work in that it's a little bit abstract and more surreal. It's about transition and reforming some things.

Living in a new country has obviously brought on some major changes and though I am still me, I am learning new things about myself. And being in this amazing relationship with my husband has also had me reflecting on what I knew I always was but is now able to be able to express. What I am attempting to show in these new images is not the final result of me but the internal transitions.

Here is one piece but you will have to go to my site to see others.

In addition to creating a new series, I have managed to get some model jobs here, mainly in Paris. As I re-establish my modeling career, I thought it was time to promote my services. And I am also taking portrait commissions here as well. modèle vivant et les portraits.

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