Thursday, April 21, 2016

To keep this blog or not?

This post is written for those of you that actually read my blog. I know I don't update it often and it's always easier just to go to my Facebook page or my website to see updates. I have almost always kept this blog a professional one, only writing about my art because it's so public. I rarely write about my personal life here and even if I did, I am still not sure anyone is reading it.  In fact, I am sure this is the last place people are coming to find out what's happening with me in any capacity so do I continue?

I'll just make this final one, I think. I am in process of the new series "Shining the Light" which I am thinking of new ideas for but in the meantime, I am trying to just sell existing work from my site and commercialized work via RedBubble. I am offering portrait sittings:

and I am offering to teach portrait drawing:

All of these seemingly random acts have two main purposes - to give me much-needed funds as times are extremely difficult, and to just bombard everyone with some aspects of my artistic skills.

And hey, why not?

And I created an update for my former Kickstarter backers and the Kickstarter community in HERE it is.

So I won't close my account here, in case and if you ARE reading this, please let me know if it's worth keeping up or not. I won't be offended at all :)